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Spring has finally sprung in New England and there’s an aviary in our backyard at the bird-feeders. Woodpeckers, cardinals, doves, goldfinches and larks are feasting. The Larksong Trio is taking flight with this collection of songs.


I’ve been following the Larksong Trio since they began worksing together. I had no choice, really, since I’m married to the soprano. My favorite Larksong Trio gig has always been the annual summertime trek to the Balsams, an old-fashioned family resort in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. On a Sunday evening, Larksong Trio would play after dinner in a large comfortable room with a so-so acoustic and a challenging piano for a gathering of the Balsam’s guests.


Each member of the trio is a classically trained, expressive, world-class musician. They share an affinity for accessible arrangements and performance style, born from years as teachers. Larksong Trio’s repertoire is broad, ranging from French art songs to Celtic to contemporary American folk songs. What always moved me most deeply about the Trio’s Balsam’s performance was their unique and evocative folk repertoire. Something about the setting and the sound of classic Amercian songs struck a profound chord. So when it came time to record, it is that repertoire we chose.


On this recording you will find a stunning fusion of classical sensitivity and folk sensibility evoking memories of time and place with a fresh, new twist. From the title track, to the songs of Aaron Copland and Corigliano, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel and new tunes and arrangements by two living New Hampshire composers William Fletcher and Richard Gardzina, every song is infused with Larksong’s Trio’s unique take on folk music old and new. The music tugs at your heart and doesn’t let go.


We recorded this CD live, with minimal overdubs, to capture the spirit and sonic signature of a live performance. My thanks to the Larksong Trio, for allowing me to help bring this collection to life.


Paul Hodes

Concord, NH

May 2013